A Nebula is a stellar nursery where stars are born.


Nebula Talent Group is a sports and entertainment agency empowering those with intellectual and physical disabilities in all walks of life.

Launching November 1st, we believe sports and entertainment inspire emotions and passion that are essential to enrich people’s lives, no matter their abilities or limitations.

How do we do this?

  • Telling stories around disability and the shifting culture to promote inclusion in sports and entertainment.

  • Representing disabled, adaptive, and Paralympic athletes to showcase what they do best.

  • Providing fans and their families with an easier, more accessible way to attend and enjoy an event or game as a spectator.

  • Working with some of the biggest brands in sports and entertainment to enhance their inclusion initiatives from around the corner to around the world.


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Our Team



Will Bubenik

The youngest in his family, Will has three older siblings with intellectual disabilities. Seeing the massive impact the Special Olympics had on their livelihood inspired Will to set out on a mission to change the world through sports.

Will has worked in various capacities in the disability community through local and national organizations since he was 10 years old, starting at the Special Olympics. Conducting multiple research studies on disability inclusion in sports and entertainment while in college, Will has been recognized as a future sports business leader through the Forbes Under 30 Fellows Program, the American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, the Manhattan Sports Business Academy, and the Michigan Sport Business Conference.

A proud graduate of Temple University, Will has also managed projects such as consulting the Philadelphia Carousel House on a strategic plan for more inclusive recreational programming, founding the Game On: Sports & the Law Conference, managing the adaptive athletes at the Urban Fitness League World Cup, and assisting in the development of the Philadelphia 76ers Entertainment Team.



Athlete manager

Vanessa Pereira

Vanessa hails from New York City of Brasilian & French immigrant parents. Raised in the world of elite professional tennis, modeling and marketing as a young child, Vanessa experienced first hand the workings of many professionals, especially in sports. An athlete herself, Vanessa has competed in horseback riding since the age of 11. 

After graduating from The City University of New York, Vanessa thrusted herself back into that world head first. For the past 8 years she has worked as a private junior professional athletic manager and as The Head Team Program Manager for The New York Gauchos, New York’s most elite youth basketball program for the past 50 years. 

With a degree in English, minoring in accounting, speaking 5 languages and a love of sports and all forms of athleticism, Vanessa has always been compelled to find problems and create solutions.